The Science curriculum of students from grade VI to Grade IX is drawn out and pragmaticallygrouped together. For each definitive group of concepts one unique product has been designed. Each block is schematically presented to students with the student’s pathfinderwhich helps them in learning the concepts designed through exploratory methods. The electronics, mechanical and the software bound parts are designed and concealed inside each experimental block and is 3D printed into blocks suitable for student’s exploration.


Concepts Isolation

Each block is designed based on thorough contemplation of syllabus based on State, NCERT and International boards. Each block explicates distinct concepts explained in their textbooks by tangible means which in turn helps in better understanding by students. The fundamentals of all the physical sciences are considered and integrated to the design of these blocks which helps the students in mastering discrete concepts in a more immersive way

On par with

Syllabus Coherence

The concept of blocks is coherently designed such that it perfectly synchs with the CBSE, State and ICSE Board syllabus. This assiststeacher’s role and facilitates school management for attaining better results in student’s cognitive improvement. Every school’s vision is to furnish students with utmost knowledge that they could in best terms. With the help of recent technological advancements, Botclub is able to achievethis in the most effective way.


Teacher- Student Transcript

Every student is supplied with a student’s transcripts which consists of step by step explanation of working of the blocks. They have to follow the instructions given to explore all the intrinsic ideas embedded in each block. Finally, the inferences obtained can be cross verified with the transcripts available with them. In addition, every teacher handling the group of students is provided with the detailed explanation of concepts in their transcripts version which help the teachers to explain the concepts reaching to core levelof comprehensibility


Student’s Takeaway

Every student who is taking part in learning through 128 blocks will have an elemental level understanding of basic physics and there is a scope for creating their own ideas through the existing blocks. The greatest challenge in remembering the formulae and laws have been narrowed down by understanding them through exploratory methods and deriving them on their own. An equilibrium between the student’s excitement level and learning is kept at its best while developing the 128 blocks. Their quest for newer innovations is best answered by 128 blocks.



Botclub has successfully developed an android/iOS/Web application for Students and Teachers which enable them to interact with each other and clarify their basic doubts. Best innovations in the world were all reflection of brainstorming with likeminded people and our app serves this basic purpose. Any recent technological advancements and their detailed analysis, different perspectives of complicated science laws, clarifications of one’s doubts by peer groups and specialized mentors and professors from their domain are all few things that our application adheres to.


Community Forum

The Application gives all its users a highly resourceful community forum to post and discuss their general queries, ideas, help needed for innovations and anything and everything that they would like to know in concern topics. Team Botclub will attend to these queries and will serve the subscribers with the best possible solution in the most feasible way. The best part of discussions through this forum is, any misconceptions in any scientific topics can be brought down to null through rightful knowledge.


Knowledge Sharing

Discussion through this forum bring out lump sum amounts of knowledge into the light which can be used not only by the subscriber who has asked for it but also to each and every user. This unfolds an incredible stream of knowledge sharing across different fields. This allows cross platform students to understand new concepts and apply it in their practices.

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